“Crispy Careers” is the fastest growing Training and Placement Services providing Organization in India, which is primarily serving to the IT, ITES, Retail, Hotel/Restaurant, Hospitality, Finance, Logistics, Sales & Marketing, HR .. etc Sectors.

It provides consultancy services to the organizations with high attrition rate and with bulk recruitments need.
Crispy Careers with it’s support system mobilizes the youth, who are seeking for immediate placement and get them a Job of their choice/Interest Area and if they are not fit for the need of the job, the Crispy Careers empowers them with requires skills and make them Performance ready and they get placed.

It offers various Short/Long Term Training Programs after which the Trainee gets a sure employment within 1 month’s time.

Crispy Careers is the most prestigious Education Brand which supports many Employer Companies in the said sectors in bulk.

It has a huge training facility in Indore with a capacity to train 5000 students in one go put together with 100+ Full Time and Part time trainers on board.

Crispy Careers is backed by Virtual Voyage College of Innovation, which is the Best Education Brand for modern day career courses in India and ExtraDoze, which is the most trusted and Renowned brand for Spoken English Training and Career Counselling having many centres across the Nation.

India is called a Country of youngsters which is in a way something to feel pride for, but the Unemployment being the biggest Problem in India makes it a curse. But surprisingly even the best is that the Organisations are not getting the Trained Man Power and there are many Indian and MNCs which are always in search of hundreds/thousands of performance ready himan resurces and the present education system doesn’t enable them for the same.

Education per say has become an ornamental thing indeed and the ones who can really not afford to do even any UG course are undergoing Courses like engineering as it has become an status symbol.

But if such students undergo a training of 1/2/3 months, they will be Job Ready and their 3/4 years and a few Grands will not be wasted unnecessarily in any menaingless graduation course, which ultimately doesn’t equip the students with anything important n substantial. And this only calls for the need of an Organisation like “Crispy Careers ” which fetches placements to the youngsters who simply need soft skills training or 1/2b3 months domain specific training and the kid is self dependent and becomes competent enough to contribute in Make in India in rea sense.